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That Amazing Tea Tree Oil!
32 page booklet


image of That Amazing Tea Tree Oil! We have several books on Tea Tree oil in Melaleuca products, however, these do not discuss the history of the oil, nor the specific research that has been done. If you are looking for historical background information on melaleuca oil, also known as Tea Tree oil, the booklet That Amazing Tea Tree Oil! is ideal.

For thousands of years the native Aborigines of Australia have used the leaves of the Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) to cure various ailments. Early in this century, doctors and scientists began to realize that the natural oil contained in the leaves has amazing healing properties. Over the last 75 years, considerable research has been done, and Tea Tree oil is finally being recognized as an extremely effective curative for a wide range of common medical conditions. Today melaleuca oil is also a valuable ingredient in many and varied household products such as skin care, oral care, and cleaning products.

In this booklet, author and researcher Karen MacKenzie presents extensive research and the history behind this remarkable healing oil, and an overview of its many medical and household uses. It includes information on over 70 studies and scientific articles that have been published on melaleuca oil!

Ms. MacKenzie is a recognized authority on this topic, having researched Tea Tree oil for 12 years and written two other books on the subject. In 1996 she founded the Tea Tree Oil Information Service in Great Britain to help spread the word and assist medical professionals as well as the general public in using this valuable natural gift.

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