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Melaleuca Non-Company News You Can Use

glassesFor you Melaleuca Marketing Executives who want to research current health issues that may affect your business. Our Research Report section is meant to be a single source for all the up-to-date Melaleuca information available on the Web.


Research Report Archives

This archived list features the best sites on the internet related to topics of interest to Melaleuca Marketing Executives. To obtain a free copy of the current Research Report, which is not in the list below, enter your e-mail address in the form on the right. Please read our privacy policy.

Browse through our Research Report archives, which will assist you in becoming more knowledgeable and educated about Melaleuca Product benefits and uses.

Research Reports Listed Alphabetically by Subject
dot Acne Treatment with Tea Tree Oil dot History and Uses of Melaleuca Oil
dot Antacid Natural Ingredients dot Menopause Support and EstrAval
dot Antioxidant for Natural Cellular Protection dot Mood Enhancers - St. John's Wort
dot Brain Health — Unforgettables dot Natural Alternative Medicine
dot Body's Need for Calcium Supplements dot Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Pregnancy
dot Cool Shot Dental Gum Benefits dot Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health
dot Classic Tooth Polish Dental Ingredients dot Lycopene for Prostate Cancer Protection
dot Digestive Health Supplement Essentials dot Vision Nutrients — NutraView
dot Tea Tree Oil and Fungal Infections dot Sunscreen & Sunblock UV Protection
dot Ginkgo Biloba and ProvexCV Products dot Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca oil)
dot Grape Seed Extract Benefits dot Children & Toxic Chemical Exposure
dot Glucosamine HCI and Replenex dot Children & Household Toxics
dot Heart Health and Phytomega dot Everyday Household Toxics
dot Immune Boosters and Activate dot Maintaining a Healthy Urinary Tract
dot Tea Tree Oil & Insect Bites
dot Intestinal Health and Florify    
dot Head Lice and Tea Tree Oil 2007  



Our online glossary will serve as a reference for you while reading our research reports. Sometimes the links within the reports lead to scientific abstracts, or outlines of experiments. If you encounter terms you are not familiar with, try our glossary.

Glossary of Melaleuca product ingredient terms


In October 1998, Dr. John Folts gave a presentation to the American Dietetic Association on flavonoids and heart disease. In it Dr. Folts explained, in detail, the research he conducted on PROVEXCV®. This presentation caught the attention of the Associated Press and appeared in over 100 newspapers and TV news programs, including ABC News. Here is one of the news stories I've found online: Augusta Chronicle

There was a PROVEXCV® study done in 2002 by the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wisconsin. Grape seed and grape skin extracts were provided in combination by Melaleuca in PROVEXCV®, which was shown previously to possess antithrombotic properties. The results suggest that the components of grape seed and grape skin, when present in combination as in red wine, grape juice or in commercial preparations exhibit a greater antiplatelet effect than when present individually.


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