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Returns Policy

Within 30 days of delivery of a shipment, you may return any of the following items you purchased from RM Barry Publications, for any reason, for a refund:

  • Any book, booklet, or audio tape in its original condition.
  • Any unopened package of pamphlets.
  • Any other item in its unopened and original condition.

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: If you received a discount based on the quantity you ordered, we may have to adjust your refund based on your final net purchase. (In other words, if you purchased ten books and returned five, your net purchase was five books. We will determine the cost for the five books you kept, and adjust your refund accordingly. Call us if you have questions about this.)

NOTE: There will be a 15% processing fee on all returns to help us recover some of our fulfillment and shipping costs. We cannot accept returns of opened pamphlets or items returned more than 30 days after delivery.

Richard M. Barry - Owner
RM Barry Publications

Address For Returns:

Returns: RM Barry Publications
7876 S. Kearney Ct.
Centennial, CO 80112



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